A downloadable game for Windows

Ludum Dare 40 theme - The more you have, the worse it is.

As a player your goal is to destroy enemies before they reach the bottom of the notebooks page by pressing the correct button as they walk over the boxes drawn on the pages.

For the visuals, I took inspiration from my own notebooks that I use for my university lectures as I always make very rushed notes whilst the lecturers are speaking and giving presentations. This is partially shown as the later levels become manic. Unfortunately it isn't fully shown as the enemies had to be left as placeholder cubes due to setbacks.

My goal for this Ludum Dare was to gain more experience and a better understanding of using Unreal Engine 4 however due to some major bugs in my blueprint, I was forced to start again around 24 hours in using  Unity. Once I had started again, I changed my personal goal to learn more about spawning objects and enemies in C#. This became the one of the central mechanics that I implemented.


Install instructions

To play, download and unzip the .rar file and then run the Notebook.exe.


Notebook.rar 11 MB